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Neptune Sprites by Brookreed

Awesome. Let's see.. First of all, this is frggin' epic. The shading is very well done, as well as the anatomy. Though, as with everyth...

Derpy's Lament by MetaDragonArt

Okay. Okay. Second critque. Ever. Anywho, the story was really AMAZING. Not kidding. It was fantastic! You had my eyes flickering from ...

9. Rumor Has It by kakashisgirlfighter

Okay, first critique here. *deep breath* By the way, I love this song. o3o Okay. I'm not the best at anatomy or anything, but: Both peo...



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Yeah. I'm back. Sort of. 

Don't expect too much art, though, because I don't finish a dang thing.

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Angel H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a girl who started drawing and writing when I was 5. I love to draw, act (both voice act and stage act), swim, play tennis, sing, Tumble on Tumblr, and other things like that. I also enjoy writing. My favourite hobbies are drawing, writing, and singing, and acting. C: I do a GREAT Fluttershy voice and a pretty good Pinkie Pie singing voice.

I'm a Christian, Superwholockian (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock fan), Trekkie, Avenged (Avengers fandom), brony, furry, Cumbercookie, Hiddlestoner, and really confused.

Respect me, I'll respect you. That's my policy.

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(put up on 5/1/13)


Frozen Heart by Dragonair13
Frozen Heart
True love will thaw a frozen heart.

yoo, this is kinda old (like, two weeks) but still
Can I just say that I am extremely proud of this? Like. Holy crap. So proud.

Can you tell I'm obsessed?
Young Sybil and Vervain by Dragonair13
Young Sybil and Vervain
These are my two characters, Sybil and Vervain (in young form, obviously).
Vervain is the eldest. Vervain is blunt, worrisome, yet she is entirely (well, almost) understanding. Unlike, Sybil, she embraces her powers of fire and heat. She is a more aggressive and forward faerie, and thinks it her duty to protect Sybil and her little brother (unnamed, unpictured, and still in contemplation). I haven't quite worked out how Sybil and her met, but it's gonna be somethin' cool, I assure you.

Sybil, the ice faerie,  is a fearful and neurotic. This is due to the fact that when she was young, she accidentally hurt or killed (still dunno) someone close to her with her powers. (wow, sounds a lot like a certain queen, don't it?)  She almost always wears gloves (except in this picture, wow) because she thinks it will repress her powers, at least for a while. Her wings and hair are white as snow (haha) and and usually frosted over at least slightly. (pictured, the blue part) Her eyes are ice blue (eheheheh), again, ascribed to her powers. 

In this picture, Vervain is about 13 and Sybil around 10. Still not sure.
Everything mentioned about these two, including their appearances, is subject to change. I'm a very indecisive person. 

References used: sun hat series   <da:thumb id="40936998">
Creepy Paint - Elsa by Dragonair13
Creepy Paint - Elsa
sometimes I do really creepy 1-layer paintings because I why not
here's the Queen of ice and snow herself, her Majesty, Queen Elsa.

her face looks funny and I don't like it. But, her hair is freaking amazing holy crepes
did this in like, an hour

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